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August 1937 Vs. August 2011

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United States
07/13/2011 02:15 PM
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August 1937 Vs. August 2011
The Great Depression was coming into fruition in October 1929 when the stock-market was crashing. The DJIA then rose 375% from it'z Depression-Low in July 1932 until August 1937. Beginning in early-August 1937, the DJIA plunged by 40% within 2 - 3 months. I'm finding this a freaky correlation as here we are approaching the United States Of America defaulting on it'z $14.3 trillion in debt in early-August 2011, some 74 years later. Here is a chart showing this correlation between 1929-1937 & 2008-2011, some 9 years compacted into 3 years this time around: [link to img34.imageshack.us]

As you can see, there is the initial plunge resulting in a large gouging before ramping back on up well over 100% before plunging back on down some 40% during the same month August 1937 as the month of defaulting August 2011 at 74 years prior.

Also, look at the mysterious dip just before the dot in August 1937, we have just finished the same kind of dip, whereby you have the 5/2/2011 Recession-High followed by a dip with a High that is a lil' bit below the 5/2/2011 High. Very similarly you have the March 1937 Depression-High, followed by a dip and a High a lil' bit below the March 1937 High. The anxiety is so very high with the European Debt Crisis (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain) and the American and global economic conditions and America finally defaulting on it's debt for the very first time in history, things seem to be lining on up, should be intriguing seeing what comes of this.
MuzicSoulWorldly (OP)

User ID: 1466762
United States
07/13/2011 08:35 PM
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Re: August 1937 Vs. August 2011