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Message Subject searching GLP for the "Tui Bei Tu" prophesied korean superman/savior who will defeat the illuminati & end WW3 between USA & China
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i am she

but before me will come a foreigner
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1492458

i am a foreigner. born in nyc. on oct 28th. half-korean, half french, 6 ft tall, exactly (thus, 3ft of me is korean)

some may indeed describe me as your basic typical korean wanker, but, i really am quite smart, a gentle man, and my emotional wisdom quotient is off the charts.

english is my native tongue, and it is my bitch. my french isn't half bad. which, i suppose, means it's not half good as well. tant pis.

i hope one day to own a mayan colander.

i think these things are evil:
compact fluorescent lightbulbs
wheat, soy, canola, fluoridated h2o
ethanol from corn, fracking
apple (slaves! quicktime!)
religion in all its forms, but especially pope benedict and agw
ancel keys, skim milk and low fat anything
recycling instead of re-using / bottled water

more seriously, though, who is the enemy? if we can't define the problem, we certainly can't move forward. ishmael's short list of the enemies of gaia (and thus, humanity): monsanto, koch co, goldman sachs, newscorp, harvard, bp, tepco. the vatican et al, ie: it's the corporate fascism, dummies. china is not the enemy. iran is not the enemy.

the concept was, 'by the people, for the people'. it was a most beautiful thing, majestic in fact. 'by the corporation, for the corporation' just doesn't have the same sweet ring to it.

what would i do if i were in charge?

1) if pozzi's reactor is real, i'd steal it, build millions, give them away, here and abroad.
2) re-animate george carlin and make him president. bill hicks for vp.
3) immediately start to decommission every single nuclear facility on the planet
4) give every u.s. citizen their first $100 of electricity free, charge double per kilowatt hour beyond that.
5) give every u.s. citizen high speed internet access, basic checking, birth control, $5/month per
6) make Sc0rp10n's high fat thread required reading
7) teach kids to think instead of to follow (and stop it already with the adderall, hfcs, nclb, etc)
8) do you raise cattle? cannabis? conserve h2o? great, you get tax breaks galore.

i think telepathy is real (and is significantly enhanced by following a paleo diet). i think haarp's effectiveness is way over-rated. building 7 was an obvious controlled demolition. proper vitamin d3 levels are essential. i think money isn't going to get us thru this. i think skills will.

lastly, i think music is the answer. i think we are here to sing the song which will shape that which comes next.
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