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Message Subject searching GLP for the "Tui Bei Tu" prophesied korean superman/savior who will defeat the illuminati & end WW3 between USA & China
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i wanted to create a separate thread based on this glp

Thread: Chinese are preparing for nuclear war because of an ancient prophecy book Tui Bei Tu

and "Tui Bei Tu" I Ching prophecy poems link:

[link to www.alexchiu.com]

what drew my attention to the above glp thread is poem
number 57 which occurs after WW3 nuclear/sub/ufo war
between USA & China.

poem 57 predicts:

"In an extreme situation, things turn around. A three-feet tall kid, made all foreigners bow down.

When Blue West and Red East struggle, a son of God appears, a gentleman who brings peace and stops the killing.

This unbelievable genius is from the middle of the two, westernized and thus ended all wars for good."

the picture on the poem 57 card shows an image of a boy pouring out the fire with water. (aquarius)


what got me standing straight up in my chair at full
attention was that there is an obscure illuminati
riddle/prophecy that the one who will take the spear of
destiny and plunge it into satan and defeat him and
deliver him before jesus christ as a footstool will
be "born of the chosin, but not chosin". or better
interpretation, some illuminists believe that one day,
a person will be born in korea who will one day
defeat their god king, satan, when he is here walking
the earth among men (quetzcoatl).
 Quoting: grimmlord

the trouble with that is it's impossible to kill an entity that isn't residing in a flesh body

supernatural to boot

satan hasn't ever resided in flesh anymoreso than the fallen from among us have (as in fallen "angels")

they yet remain in their spiritual bodies to which we too shall return at the second advent

yes they were able to procreate with flesh females, yet they also were never born into flesh
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