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Message Subject searching GLP for the "Tui Bei Tu" prophesied korean superman/savior who will defeat the illuminati & end WW3 between USA & China
Poster Handle Elohist
Post Content
I read chinese and poem 57 does not say this person is a foreigner. This tui bei tu is written for and by chinese. If this kid is Korean, the author would have stated this kid is a foreigner. And by the way three feet tall kid in ancient Chinese simply means this person is very young. This kid causes all foreigner to bow down. How can Korean make foreigners bow to the Chinese? Only a Chinese can make foreigners bow to the Chinese.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1470259

from my point of view, the difference between chinese
and koreans is the same as the difference between germans
and austrians. chinese and koreans are both at least 90%
descendents of genghis khan. there are cultural
differences, but underneath the hood, koreans and
chinese share an extremely similar dna base. the author
did make it clear that the oriental saviour will come
from between the two. japan is disqualified, which
makes korea the only answer. because of chinese
history dealing with the white euro caucasian man,
chinese would never trust a peace brokered by
a white euro caucasian american leader: meditate on
the truth of this statement. BUT A KOREAN-AMERICAN
korean-american superman would first have to defeat
the illuminati in america before brokering the peace
(the illuminati do not share power).
these prophesied accomplishments by the korean
superman with the supernatural aid of god will signal
god's transfer of favor from the white euro caucasian
man to the oriental and thus will fulfill the prophecy
of non-oriental foreigners acquiescing to the new
era of chinese (oriental) world leadership. in glp
voice chat, a chinese person made the note to me that
"three feet tall" was also another way of saying
the korean superman will be "humble" or come from a
humble background. my best guess on the probable
age of the korean superman would be somewhere
in the 25-35 bracket right now because he would need
to be old enough to be wise in the ways of the lord
at the shepherdschapel and also knowledgeable
in the tricks of the illuminati. to truly be the
korean superman, he would have had to discipline his
mind, and such discipline takes a lot of time - more
time than to master a martial art like karate or jujitsu.

Its all well and good exploring these prophecies.. but it is in fact a chinese book that is published inside a country that is ruled by a communist regime that can easily re print it whenever an event happens and then say it is the original copy.. these books should never been taken literally as they have been used already in the past to control the people.

Also, the people on this website seem to be completely barmy... you think a korean prophet that will save the world surfs this website? your all as crazy as the chinese.. you need to re-evaluate your lives and stop believeing stuff that is absolute bollocks! lol
 Quoting: SimonKing 1504363

the UK is a communist regime. FACT.
the riots in august were quite entertaining.
summary and conclusion:
mildly retarded brits living in glass houses should not be on glp
throwing stones...

the trouble with that is it's impossible to kill an entity that isn't residing in a flesh body

supernatural to boot

satan hasn't ever resided in flesh anymoreso than the fallen from among us have (as in fallen "angels")

they yet remain in their spiritual bodies to which we too shall return at the second advent

yes they were able to procreate with flesh females, yet they also were never born into flesh
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1507420

angels do have physical bodies. what makes angelic bodies
supernatural is the ikhor/everclear immortal blood
that flows in their veins. the only source of this
ikhor immortal blood comes from jesus christ.
yes, virginia, you can kill an angel. you only need
to drain the angel of its ikhor blood. only a very
few christian jedi knights are aware of this and
are trained to kill fallen angels. when jesus christ
was crucified and the roman soldier took his spear
and pierced christ's side with it and then the water
(not red blood) flowed out, that water was really
the ikhor/everclear immortal blood that flowed out of
jesus christ (ikhor is also called everclear because
this supernatural immortal blood is clearer than pure
water). reread your gospels and recall when jesus
encountered the woman at the well. also reread
revelations and see how the living river of "water"
originates from beneath the throne of jesus christ
on the temple mount. THERE IS MORE TO GOD'S WORD,

OP the man you are looking for is Japanese.
In fact all Japanese people plus a section of the illuminatis are looking for him.
We have a prophecy here in Japan that he will be a man but with a soul of a woman. He will appear at the end of physicality which is around now.
 Quoting: <3YouRongTime

the japaneseh are a dying people. fukushima means that
god thanks you for playing the game, but we have some
lovely parting gifts for you. you are also extremely
naive, being japanese, in regards to how the chinese
CMC really thinks about you...


OP are you korean? or asian?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1325985

i am scottish. and i would seriously like to hook up
with the smoking hot stewardesses in the korean air
tv adverts, but that's slightly off topic, maybe...
at any rate, i wish i was the korean superman,
because it sounds like the chicks will be all over
his dick once he takes the world stage. as a scotchman,
sean connery is the closed we scotch have as a
superman. nonetheless, my main thing is to make
the winning move and get on this korean
superman's bandwagon in the early going.
i'm not about doing any of the hard work or
heavy lifting - that would be the korean superman's
department. i'm more about the presentation, and
hopefully, maybe some of the korean superman's
surplus female groupies will fall into my lap
like ripened cherries after a good shake of the
tree. that would be a winning move.


here are some additional thoughts i have on the
prophesied korean superman:

he will be AB+ blood type (human 2.0, same as jesus)

he will probably be aquarius zodiac sign

he will probably come from either nyc or los angeles
as those places in america have the largest korean
communities - however, due to dangers of nuke
exchange, he will not be living near a major metro
area when ww3 breaks out

there is an outside chance that the korean superman
was adopted by an american couple

 Quoting: grimmlord

The Bible, which is proven book of prophecy says 2nd Coming Christ will come in secret and be born in Korea after WW2. Heb 9:29, to bring salvation to His people by restoring truth of Passover and reminding us of the Gospel that Jesus and disciples taught. Isa 25:6-9, Jn 16:12-13, rev 7:1-4. This has already happened. Been studying all the prophecies that He fulfilled. It's amazing!!! That's why I know and believe the end is near. Now that the truth has been restored and we have learned last secret in bible, rev 10:7, which is we have a Heavenly Mother! Gal 4:26,

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