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Message Subject searching GLP for the "Tui Bei Tu" prophesied korean superman/savior who will defeat the illuminati & end WW3 between USA & China
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
poem 57 predicts:

"In an extreme situation, things turn around. A three-feet tall kid, made all foreigners bow down.

When Blue West and Red East struggle, a son of God appears, a gentleman who brings peace and stops the killing.

This unbelievable genius is from the middle of the two, westernized and thus ended all wars for good."

the picture on the poem 57 card shows an image of a boy pouring out the fire with water. (aquarius)

 Quoting: grimmlord

If he's a kid then he may actually be 3 feet tall.

Middle of two between West and East could be anywhere. I would lean more towards a country that's not westernized and doesn't have an eastern-type religion... Africa perhaps?

There are many prophecies that predict this sort of thing happening. Christians believe second coming of Jesus, Buddhists believe a new messiah - Kalki at the end of the Kali Yuga. Both of which say will reign for 1000 years. Mayans also believed return of Quetzcoatl. It may just be a case of borrowing from the same prophecy written thousands of years ago. Whether or not it's true is another question that won't be answered until it happens, until then there's nothing you can do but sit back and relax.
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