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The illusion of hierarchies

User ID: 1467452
United Kingdom
07/15/2011 01:07 PM
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The illusion of hierarchies
No matter where you are or look in our world, we are dominated by evil, false and fake hierarchies, which have both cleverly and sinisterly been bought into existence to allow a select few or elected group to take full control of the world and it's resources...which also includes the lives and futures of you and me.

I have never like or fully understood, why we have either had to embrace or accept these hierarchies ...as their whole structure and premise is elitist and divisive, dividing and seperating people into supposed levels of merit and use..but always with a few at the top and the vast majority at the bottom.

Have you ever seen one hierarchy that offer the opposite reality...where the majority of the people are at the top than those at the bottom..can you let me know?

You see no matter where you look, no matter what political, social or religious system you look at, including your place of work and local communities they all comprise of false hierachal orders, which when looked at closely
are completely stupid and often breakdown into unfair and criminal practices.

Yet we still feels that its wrong to question them and put our faith into something more equal, rightous and egalitarian (fair)...accept perhaps a few people like myself who understand the lie and fight for positive change.

Now I'm not asking you to revolt or demand change (although that is what will probably be needed at some point), but instead of whinging and whinging able the mess that our bosses leaders and guardian make..I ask to now look and accept the fact we have allowed these false hierarchies to continue to exist ...perhaps because secretly people hope and aspire that they(or their children) might get the chance to become bosses and leaders too. Yet in reality it is only 1% who reach or fill such limited positions.

So instead of blaming others it is time to see and realise the con and first blame ourselves for our ignorance and stupidity then try to grow and make the leap of universal change..most will claim it it is not possible, yet it is the one thing we haven't tried. And please don't mention communism or socialism as they were set-up to become hierarchies too.

Please note the strange reality...when everything goes wrong that our leaders never admit mistakes or blame themselves...except when they might lose their lofty positions and status or get caught red handed in corrupt or illegal acts of manipulation.

You see, we need everybody to make a better more inclusive (rather than exclusive)world. Therefoe we should all wake up and realise (we've been conned from birth) and that things do need to be positively address and changed. Whereby we finally accept and respect that noboby is more special or important in the systems and nobody should be exempt from the system.

I realised long ago - especially as a design engineer- that nothing would of happened or been developed or produced without the workers at the bottom ...nothing would exist...and I mean nothing! Yet there is little or no credit or respect or reward given to the people who really make our modern world tick... it has never been due to any one leader, who has achieved that on their own.

Even now the imbalances are clear ...whilst in a deep economic recession (which will collapse) created by the greed and agendas of the so called elites and the irresponsible actions of our leaders (who are only human and much the same as the rest of us). The result is a situation that again will rely on the masses to resolve...
yet penalising and crippling us ...as a result!

Where is the mutual love and respect as these elites still make addition profit and bonsuses etc, etc. while we loyally follow their leadership and bail them out!
Do they feel guilty or feel our collective pain...not a chance..they are to busy laughing and gourging at our expense!

Will we ever wake up to realise that all hierarchies lead to exactly the same situation and reality.... Hmmm I wonder?

User ID: 1452218
07/15/2011 01:08 PM
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Re: The illusion of hierarchies

Those with 10bil or more
those with 100mil or more
everyone else.
I suffer from Pronoia I have the suspicion the Universe is a conspiracy on my behalf.