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Message Subject <<Screams from hell recorded>>
Poster Handle RDprofessor
Post Content
Satan, his Legion and the to-be damned souls
of those men who would go to Hell are waiting
the Final Judgement, which has not happened yet.

Fact is, Satan and his demons are not in Hell,
they are on Earth.
 Quoting: RDprofessor

I think I would believe that. There is evil people in our Government, laws being passed that don't have our best interest at heart. Look at Monsanto. eventfully they are going to "try" to take away our right to grow our own food...etc
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1257704

Hell today is Hades, but after Final Judgement,
Satan, his minions and the souls of men who are
not in the Book of Life will be cast down into
the Lake of Fire. It hasn't happened yet. This
does NOT mean that all souls are in Hades/Hell
right now. They could be in Heaven, Purgatory
or Paradise/Limbo.

The Bible is very clear that Satan is on Earth
with his demons poisoning the hearts and souls
of Men during our current times.
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