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Subject The Adjustment Bureau, the illuminati created "love" frequency, and the rebirth trap.
Poster Handle Gunnz, Lotz Of Gunnz
Post Content
The Adjustment Bureau are the "illuminati"

everyones contained within the rebirth game. they monitor the ones that could possibly exit from the rebirth game.

when this happens, drastic mechanisms are employed to "hook" beings yet again, and the "love" frequency is the last resort weapon in their arsenal.

hook a potential escapee with "love" and their life plan changes.

the movie displayed it like a mirror though, by making love look "real important and powerful and scary to the aliens".

whereas it is really predictable, drains your life force, and is a weapon created by aliens (alien love bites).

so, whatever is tangible in this world, you must lift your wisdom above it.

D.Y.U. ? (do you understand?)
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