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Message Subject *******Invasion of the Body Snatchers Is Here!************
Poster Handle mama & papa
Post Content
bumppeacethe mind control via GWEn/ cell phone towers (flash mobs) flouride, vaccines, food & water additives, chemtrails, TV, music (frequencies, messages), McDonalds, all to fatten the cattle sitting on the buffet table. THEY LET THE POPULATION GROW, IDIOTS! Mayan, Incan statues, depicting demonic giants engulfing lots of people, they are returning to feed, and therefore feed the larger parasite, the dark energy that are solar system is in. black hole feeding is making us create our own demise, everything will fall into a singularity. you have been caught but the parasite lets you believe u are still alive and free. u r now in a slow wiggle. peace, and check out the new lady gaga.
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