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Message Subject *******Invasion of the Body Snatchers Is Here!************
Poster Handle boo again
Post Content
bumps226let's see, what do we have here:

fukashima, volcanoes, joplin tornado with fungus killing people like GoM, GoM, 6-8 wars with no congressional approval, all longer than WWII, ecoli, police state built on "terrorists", 9/11 obvious proof inside job, ufo sightings all over the place, things burning up coming through atmosphere all of the time, HAARP - why?, chemtrails advertised on net with insurance companies paying for services - why?, poisons in food & water, economy just a joke, president with several aliases and SSN's and a scar on cranium, mkultra, major of chicago masters degree in ballet and member of gay chicago bathhouse with pres, numerous assasinations around GoM - wars - special little artifacts around world - etc, homeless diappearing, TSA, alternative media part of psy op and controlled communications (no names, will delete your post, especially mentioning - A - J), numerous past civilations older than schools say human are - all saying same things, you are food - idiots, and many many more

but whats on the news? lady gaga, gossip tv, and what are people interested in, even though they are unemployed or about to be - lady gag, gossip tv. what is japan showing to radiated citizens as their eyes droop off their faces - gossip tv.

so, do you deserve to persist? or you the fittest? hmmm.
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