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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Whats the weather like in 2020, is it global warming or a polar shift happening at the moment. Im also interested in various gardening methods as i think our food supply is really at risk. What methods are used in the future and do you think using organic seeds is important as GM foods are quiet dangerous for the longterm, thanks Peace x
 Quoting: Divine Spirit 1454210

Although the majority of your world will be in chaos there will still remind, small packets of civilisation around the planet where since will still flourish. Withing the next three years your scientist will know that although human activity has some influence in your weather patterns, the main engine of change in your climate is your sun....

Many of your foods will be contaminated with GM seed this will cause a rise in cancers and immunity problems. In those years organic seeds and food will be worth much more than any amount of gold.............
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