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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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so if your continually coming back with the whole pandoras box idea, why? what are you trying to change? is there something about to happen from some specific event that you are here for, and why is it this period that you have all chosen to come back too? If all the ufos sightings are your time travel, and they have all increased recently, why now? the market crash cant be changed, and what part does the nobody play in the future of events? name some? and who were you before you were sent back here?
 Quoting: whenyourready 1473712

We can only go back as far as 1998 we can not regress more than that. Even know we can not change an event once it happens we can alter the time line in which it happens this means we can make it go faster or slower but not change it...

My thinking is that the UFOs are groups of people from a farther advance futures but not advance enough to alter reality itself....

Our point on being in your time line is simply to keep trying to alter the future although we can not change an event we can alter small things of it. This make us thing that is probably possible to do it, we joust don't know how...
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