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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle 442
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I am a sovereign HUMAN, and because of this fact, I do not accept your "projections" , because that is exactly what they are. Your timeline is NOT our timeline. Your timeline is an artificial construct and therefore you are on a different path that is specific to your growth.

Please do not send your subliminal thoughts here and try to gain ground for manifestation. We have other plans.

Our DNA is the most prized possession in this universe, and because of this, know that you or any other entity in this universe has absolutely NO POWER over us at all. Remember afterall, that we agreed to this this long ago, and now the game is over. You have done your part, but now earth and it people will move on. I realize that you cannot understand this because you cannot comprehend the upper realms. You cannot even be in them, as they would destroy your body because you cannot accept their vibration.

I love you just the same for what you do, but go now, and tell your superirors that the agreement has been satisfied and you must go now. I claim my power and as a result there is NO entity in this Universe that has any power over me phisically, mentally or spiritually.

Stop spreading distortions over this plane and go your way. If you were even truthful, you would not speak such foolishness, knowing full well that the tangents are limitless and as such are only a fraction of our true reality. Make your choice wisely but leave your limited projections off this plane.
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