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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
tell us about the war of time, who win ? who loose ? and when :p
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12436507

The beginning to the war begins when the oppression of the government of the USA becomes to extreme against its own citizens...

The first true! 99% of terrorism around the world is cause by government. Terrorism is use as a scare tactic to force you into accepting laws, regulations and restrictions that other wise you will not accept. It is in this essence that the revolution inside USA begins. It stars when government begins causing and hyping terrorism.

First they will said that because of terrorism they most reduce your freedoms in the Internet and they will reduce your freedom of speech by imposing laws that prevent your open communication as you do now...

 Quoting: Pandora's box 12571608

Second as soon as they begin restricting your freedom of speech in the Internet they will also move to reduce your freedom of speech in general. They will use the excuse of security and safety from extremist, saying that they should not be able to said whatever they wont without repercussions.. The reduction and the restriction of your freedom of speech is in essence what begins the underground movements to civil war...

Your government is fully aware that the economy is about to collapse in a few more years and they are preparing to make war with your, and they will use this short period of time of stability to prepare to make shor, you do not succeed when you revolt against your government. As of matter of fact they joust purchase hundreds of rounds of ammunition as many of you are awear. This is being done because they know what is aproaching. The reminding years of illusory stability will be use to impose more and more restrictions
and surveillance against you, for they are preparing to destroy you and anybody that opposes the old world order...
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