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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First off let's start off with the fact that time travel is real as identified by Col. Corso and even Andrew Basiago who was one of the youth involved in Project Pegasus in the late 60's and early 70's.

Next, according to testimony from Basiago there are multiple timelines as he personally experienced.

Then add to the mix that the secret government along with the ET factor have been doing various experiments involving altering timelines.

Now if one has spent time doing the research, had access to military personal transcripts and insiders - then one would know based on facts provided by individuals involved in time travel the above is true.

Now - time is mutable. It flows like a river and the outcome of future events can be altered. However, Basiago testified that each time he traveled forward, backward and came back to the present it was on a different time line. Sort of like multiple threads used to make twine. Multiple timelines co-exist simultaneously.

So, if this time traveler is authentic s/he would know this. In addition, one can only guess the trend events are moving towards just like someone can guess the course of a log floating down a river. However, there are multiple variables that could alter the course of that log just as there are multiple variables that can alter future events. The key variable being conscious intention where there have been multiple experiments that illustrated how this can happen.

Some may remember Art Bell's experiments on Coast to Coast where he had his listeners focus on rain coming down in a drought area. All of these types of experiments were successful. Meaning that the intention of the collective consciousness does indeed have an impact on future events. This is why TPTB work so hard through the media to engage in mind-control where the population is stultified, numbed up and fed disinformation. For some, if it isn't on Fox news it didn't happen.

Now from Obama's lips he himself knows the fix is in and he is to be elected come Fall. Breitbart's intention was to expose O for fraud. The next day he died. Now that information is showing up even on Drudge Report a very well visited internet news site. If Ron Paul's message and the MSM is stymied to where the real news is available to the vast majority of citizens, via their conscious intention - the predicted election outcome may be altered.

In the media it was identified that Obama has made arrangements with Spain to count the Presidential election results. How underhanded is that?

Anyway - back to OP. He may be from the future he may not be. However, none of us know, not even him, as to which timeline he is currently on. Therefore, his predictions are an indication of possible future trends and are not set in cement. Even prayer is known to help alter future outcomes and experiments have been conducted which proved this as a possibility.

We also are aware that it is darkest before the dawn. For all we know a galactic wave of energy is moving toward that will help create a leap in human evolution. It could be bright future we are moving toward where free energy is finally out of the hands of those who would keep it from the public altering the very basic way we exist now.

OP is pessimistic.

Who would want to buy into that type of future? As individuals we do have a choice.

What do you choose?
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