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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Pandora's Box
Post Content
During dreams i can see into the future but not change anything. it will either happen in a day,week,month,or even a year. i can give examples if needed
 Quoting: DREAM_TIME_JUMPER 21907699

Dreams are windows to possible futures..,..

They are the manifestation of the subconscious state that lurks in the realm outside the spheres of physical time, allowing it to see past, present, future in a single moment. And therefore permitting the subconscious access to information that otherwise could not be access...
 Quoting: Pandora's box 1251500

Dreams are mechanism of protection of the subconscious state to prevent harm to the conscious state of the awakening....

Dreams are in essence the first real mechanism of time travel created by men...The ancients used this power to guide their people away from harms way...
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