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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I would say NOTING is being CREATED NEW... because YOU ARE ALREADY EVERY-WHERE NOW.. so it is more that your ATTENTION TAPS into those others parts of YOU.... and interpets / Perceives them.

But.. they are NOT NEW... just new to your MIND in 2012

Self-Mastery and Time Travel are the same... it is you own ability to BE HERE ... there and anywhere... as you wish... with the AWESOME ABILITY to FOCUS... PERCEIVE.

YEars ago when I was meditating alot... I could very easily go many different places without LEAVING in the current physical body... it was going by SEEING within your minds eys... and YOU WERE THERE.... you knew what was happening.

FOCUS is the ability that needs to be MASTERED to do this.

And with TV / Movies and Politics we tend not to FOCUS on ALL THINGS or ALL OTHER THINGS we are.

One Windo of Perception at a time.

The illuminated one's have created technologies which permit the expansion and contraction of the innerself. This new experiences of self permits the exploration of time and space by forming new bodies in espesific time lines, that allow the interaction with the humanity of those espesific moments..
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