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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Wow!!! seer777 you connected every word on your posting above perfectly...post as much as you want so everyone can discuss the nature of time, space and reality further please.. I enjoy the conversation of this nature very much...
 Quoting: Pandora box 1124613

As do I.

And I have been waiting to have it as I have seen many things which allow for no answer other than something having been altered along these lines.

I have personally recognized that one can bend 'time' utilizing their own energies, intent and will in my own practice.

We often discuss things of this very nature of the 'X Marks the Spot' thread if you are interested for more discourse with other like Minds.

Many of the posts I quoted from you earlier have been discussed at length in some regard.

I was just musing yesterday how I noticed that no matter how hard one tries to keep a seen Event from occurring, it will play out regardless.

Or IOW, once the cause is triggered, the effect will occur.

However, the ripple and positive intention of a favorable outcome does seem to make an impact. As of course it would, due that once the ripple is sent out, it touches the All.


Thank you for allowing me to muse on your thread, as I was already in a state of extreme synchronicity when I stumbled apon it. I also had a bit over trouble organizing my thoughts due to adrenaline.


One of those, Bend or Break moments...

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