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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Pandora box
Post Content
The saying of the butterfly moving its wings and than causing a tornado in the other side of the world has such power, that if an individual or group understood its power, they could alter reality itself. Because it empowers even the smallest among people to influenced reality if it knows how to use it.....

This capacity of the effect of knowing, is know by certain groups that currently control you world governments and systems. But, because this people in power are to undeveloped as group and as individual, they have use this power for evil instead of good. For they have corrupt, enslave oppress and destroy billions of human beings through out history.....

The time is coming for this people to be remove from power, so a joust and fair system can be brought into the world, so human suffering can be extinguishe. For there are forces that understand the power of "one"to such a extent that he, and they will be able to use it, to overthrow world governments, national systems and organize religion very easily when the moment arrives to do such things. To bring a peaceful fair and joust unified world, under the one world government once and for all!!!!
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