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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Between 2005-2009, a very similar "Time Traveler" named Zeshua posted on several of the Time Travel forums. Zeshua and this new "Pandora's Box" seem to have quite alot in common. In many respects they seem virtually the same:

* They both started their first thread with the title ďI am a Time Traveler from the year 202XĒ

* They both say that physical matter cannot travel through time, but they have come up with an alternative approach.

* They both say that they donít want everyone to believe their story, and go through some trouble to make sure that doesnít happen.

* They both reject the multiple-timeline theory, saying that there is just one timeline, and it can be altered, but only in small degrees, and that the timeline has a natural self-corrective, self-healing function.

* They both describe a coming worldwide economic collapse and worldwide civil war.

* They both say that 3 to 4 billions of people will die between now and 2020, due to war, hunger, and disease.

* They both say that a spiritual awakening is coming after the war.

* They both say that they canít tell us everything, but they will tell us enough to survive.

* They both say that their thread is only for a select group of people to recognize and understand.

* They both say that the USA will go through a period with no available gasoline between now and 2020.

* They both say that the USA and other nations will suffer from a shortage of clean water between now and 2020.

* They both say that of the billions who will die, the majority of deaths will be from starvation and disease, not violence.

* They both say that their purpose is to give us hope to help us through the darkness.

* They both say that Canada and Australia escape the worse of the trouble.

* They both say that after the dollar collapses, the most valuable trade items are common things we donít value much at all now.

* They both say that a new Middle East war is coming.

* They both use a weird writing style that draws attention to its own eccentricities. While Zeshua capitalized odd words, this new poster seems to intentionally misspell certain words.

* And they both quickly established a track record of making several accurate predictions.
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