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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Civil war or no civil war you don't have to suffer the consequnce of collapse of society. Protect yourself and prepare with magnet motors and kiss goodbye to oil.

Let me introduce you to simple working devices powered by magnets which you can replicate and see for yourself.

Watch for two magnet separated by a non-magnetic insular material in the videos. More on this later.

[Evolution of Perpetual Motion WORKING Free Energy ~ ElectroMagnetic Generator]

[Magnetmotor mit Generator Free Energy- Magnet Motor with Generator Energia libre]

[Freie Energie, free energy generator. EMDR nach Prof.Dr Turtur]

Construction and notes for EMDR by Prof. Dr. Turtur

[howard johnson linear magnetic track accelerator video]

This technology is pretty well understood and books are available by G.V. Nikolaev which explain this. The key to this motor is having two magnets separated by an inert material spinning on top of the wheel.

[Repetition of the experiences of G.V. Nikolaev a magnet "Siberian Kolya "]

in Russian

in Japanese

[link to www.hasslberger.com]

and plug for my thread.

Thread: Bans lifted ? Free Energy on tap. Simple and Revolutionary

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