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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
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By the way Pandora Box. I saw you coming into my path a lil over two years ago.. and i have another person a doctor that can verify that conversation as he would rememeber it well.. "the time traveller pandorah". We were supposed to meet here in the now. I dont care if you believe me or not. However i knew you were lurking.. so i waited for you to step out. Like any good gentleman would. And there you are. I dont know if you are a real time traviler or not.. certainly seems like a good story. Just know that a person named pandorah who claimed associated to the term time travelling would come accross my path in 2+ years. And here you are.

So what now.

Do you know 0?

 Quoting: 0 25932951

Ok, so what would be the outcome after you meet me. In other words what is the massage or the action you most take once you meet me.
 Quoting: Pandora box 1135845

I dont know. And i usually do. I was hoping you would know since you claim you are from the future. I only see parts of it. Some was shown to me on the other side of life. And some of that is just symbols and images of circumstances.

Are you aware that reincarnation is not what is presented. From my understanding on the otherside of life. We are in effect living infinite lives in infinite dimensions of "time"( which is an illusion but i will use it as a discriptor that is familiar) simultaneously. consciousness spread like light through a prism which fractures into a infinite shades of reality in human form. That is the understanding given to me in my 9th death here in this conscious reality where my body flatlined for 4.5 min and my soul ended up where time doesnt exist but there is only infinity.

What do you know about that?

I dont care about the future.. it is already being lived.

It is not my concern.

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