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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
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Because water is the most presious commodity, without water you can die very fast. Water will be worth more than a tone of gold. People forget that the most presious things are the most simple things like water and food.

Part of the problem that water is scarce is that there will be no one to run the water facilities. Remember government is the one that makes that happen, so when government is no longer there who you think is going to do it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1135845

There will be other problems like the ones you mention, above.
 Quoting: Pandora box 1135845

Water is the true reason for Lybia's outcome. Not oil. They sit on the largest underground source of fresh water in the world.

That is a no brainer.

 Quoting: 0 25932951

In a moment of life and death gold, diamonds do not have real value. But food, water and guns do.

Many have being mislead in regards to what is of true value. The most basic things in life that most people never put attention to are the ones that will have the most worth in a moment of life and death.

Real wealth is in 6 objects which I going to mention:

Life, health, water, food, family and land. If you have this things than you are wealthy. Land is a real object of value why? Because you can produce food, acquire resources live in it. It is land that produces gold and silver not the other way around.

 Quoting: Pandoras Box 114374

That is a very low ID #. So the ip address youbare using had to access this site from quite a while ago in order to obtain it.

Since Trinity's id number is 1.

Him being the admin and all.

Your id number is issued between 2007 and 2008. Do i have track of your ip? Nope.. just notice the patterns. Id's reflect certain things.. atributes.

Anyway, you answered an answer but did not further answer my questions. Interesting. No answer is an answer.

I understand your analgy and the meaning behind what you wrote. At face value it means one thing.. but i dont just look at face value.

In life and death. Land.

Prodical son.

I understand.

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