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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Pandoras box
Post Content
Clarification :
Although the years 2013,2014,2015, are years of heavy social and economical problems. And many of the seeds of civil war begin to accumulate overwhelmingly on this years. The actual civil war does not fully start until the year 2016. In those years the people of the USA are no longer going to be coward Dodos, they will become ferocious lions. Fully awake to the lies of the system that has oppress them. They will no longer be fool by the left, right, Republican, Democrat paradigm, for they will know that this systems are a lie not a true...

If voting was a real and you truly had the power to change and alter the country for the better by voting, do you really think that they will let you vote?

You truly think you are awake hmmm!

All so call democracies around the world are scams control by the large banking systems and corporations, to ensure the highest benefit to themselves.

Why do you think this corrupt government and governments of so call democracy around the world, receive millions and sometimes billions in political contributions . Do you really think that those wealthy organizations that give vast amounts in contributions to the politicians, will give them all that money for nothing?
 Quoting: Pandora box 1135845

This just sound like more of the same for the next 3 years getting progressively worse. Will there even be an election in 2016? How long did the civil war last? What are some tips to get through this tough time? What are some of the most important things to get and have?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24758892

Yes there will be an election in 2016 but it will be the last election in the USA. The president elect in the year 2016 is a guy name Jeb bush a republican.. He was selected president before Obama even finish his election. The forces of the old world order have already appointed him the president. But don't worry the American revolutionaries remove him from power in the middle of 2017...

Your voting really does not make any difference because they can manipulate very easily who gets elected. They can do this not by falsifying the votes in election but by manipulating your perception of reality through the power of the media, news channels, television, web etc etc... The media is the real power of this systems of control not the military or the police force...The military and police forces are simply tools in case the people begin to misbehave or when the power of mental manipulation does not work....
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