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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
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I am fully aware that political adjendas and money are illusions and distractions and a waiste attention.

If that is all you offer.

Then that is fine.

However a time traveller should know the dynamics of reality.

It is what it is. Yes. But what degree do you know that?

I have given you much more then you have given me.

Because you gave me that reality is and you assigned it to a term of endearment for intimate value in disposition. Psych 101. The blow off with a term of affection to creat a disposition of alignment.

That shit doesnt work on me.

If you dont know the anzsers. Just say it.

Im cool with that and i will leave ya be.

I dont know exactly what occurred. But i know it did in fact occur.

So i thought i would ask you.

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