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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Also, if you are from the year 2020? And you have memory of this year and the years prior until 2020.

Then now in the past is gour future as it would seem. Meeting me here for the first time. Yet everything we will discuss now there will be a record of it in the future. Especially since you came to this site. You would be able to view the entirety of this thread from a stand point of then.

So everything i am typing in this now is new and now to me but should be review to you having been here in 2020 and knowing all that is written in this thread.

Dont tell me you know how to time travel but arent smart enough to review a thread you would create 8 years ago in its entirety Nd commit it to memory.

Its not about weather i believe you or not about your being from the future. It is that you should have memory of us meeting then because now is simply a refrence point and discourse that happenx in the past.

So every word i am typing in the now. Should be no suprise to you and you should know who this is that addresses you.

What can you tell me about the nobody?

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To O....

Remember that the one of me that exist in this present moment belongs to this time line, is not the same as me in the future.

The present me that belongs to this time line, does not post on conspiracie chat rooms. Only the future me so, therfore there is no way for me to know you, since this is a diferent time and space continume for me, than from the me of the present... Do I make sence to you?

 Quoting: Pandoras Box 114374

Yes i understand what you are saying.

I will make it simple.

You claim you are from the year 2020.
This is the year 2012.
The you from 2020 is posting on this forum in the year 2012.
There would be record of any data posted on this forum today 11/21/12 in the year 2020 as recorded history. I can pull up threads here that are posted in 2005 right now and view what was written then in its entirety.

You claim to be a time traveller.

Since time travel at the current level of understanding with the information that is available in 2012 is theory, but possible in 2020, i find it very suspect that someone from 2020 who has access to the ability to travel through time would not know exactly how a thread they were posting on in 2012 unfolds.

You would know every post i make here before me because you have the added advantage of seeing it in hinesite from 2020 while it is happeing in 2012.


So, when i asked if you met me in the future? Your answe should be yes. Because time travel comes with a great responsibility because of the butterfly effect and other aspects. I have valid reasons to suspect any claim by you because this should all be review for you.

Now, back to point.

Reality itself works like a record. It is a groove path that spirals out. The needle on a record player works like the now, it creates the vibration that is known reality in the now. Like a light beam.. if you will... but more intricate then that.

The song, all that exists. You see common cycles like the golden age, and the silver age as song "tract" completions. There are common components as reality is cyclical and runs in cycles of notes and composition. So you see commonality of synchronization in past present and future. Same rhythm.

2 weeks ago there was a "scratch in the record" and reality altered.. it was subtle but it did occur. I notice everything and dont miss much. It was very subtle but reality jumped a spot in the grove and the song skilped forward a few notes and all who were part of this living song shifted in the "skip" accelerating some events by a few days.

You being a time traveller should have noticed this.

I asked you and am asking you again. What was its cause do you suspect. Was it a natural change in rhythmic synchronousity? Or an artificial occurance ending and or starting.

Because it is easy to create an artificial state of synchronization.

What occured?

I dont give two shits about who is preesident in 2016. I have been dead 9 times. It matters not who is the president in 2016 when your dead. I want to know how reality shifted in rythm synchronization. Why it happend and how the acceleration occured. If it was artificial or natural?

Thanks for your "time"

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he can not know about what he'll do in the past, actually it's kinda like the movie looper. time can change at the last moment.
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