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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
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Hey france. (Ti)me is an illusion. The first two symbols make the symbol of pi the other two Me. Matter and energy. Me the self identifier. Me= motion and equilibrium.

It is a system designed by man for man and used only by man within this scope pf relative reality. If you lived on mars and used an atomic clock it would not keep pace with earths and (Ti)me as you know it would be much different relitive to disposition.

Chrous time is based on imaginary lines drawn on a blue ball that spins on axis of magnetic poles unique to polarity found within its construct which spins around a yellow ball that spins on axis that flux due to enegry imbalances that redistribute to create balance within confines of a form called a sphere.

If your basing measurements found in light over distance even that is based off a mirad of variables found unique to position of earth and forces within its sphere at relevence through biological understanding.

Time is an illusion french.

But your free to believe in any illusions you see fit.

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