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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
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Dont believe me?

Do a little research about how astronauts who are on the space station actually age biologically at a differnt rate then when they are on earth measured in the standard /earth/ "time". Relitive to their point of disposition in motion to earths magnetic field influence.

(Ti)me is an illusion.

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particles move slower, it don't mean time is slower
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28150207

Particles slow in motion due to temperature variations. At 0K molecular motion ceases. "In theory" yet, it is observed by molecular consciousness in organic form that is moving at a higher rate of activity vibrationally.

Time is an illusion. Its based of the "life cycle" of organic matter in animation as it reflects its enviroment to itself in meanings it created.

No, lol! I am not titor or any of those guys. The term or symbol "0" was given to me when i was flat lined for 4.5 min. It is not something i chose. Lol!

I was quite confuse about its meaning when i was dead.. so i expect much the same by most.

This is not my thread. Pandora has answered my question as best pandora could.

That satisfies me with regards to his thread.

So i bid you good day.

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