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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
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The above event is a differnt event as relation to what Pandora displayed. It is not found within the scope of Pandora's understanding which limits Pandora to 2020. Being a time traveller and all from that point.

To here.

That is why i posted it.

Pandora is lurking and not speaking. That much i know. Wether or not pandora returns is entirely up to Pandora.

This is not my thread. So i wont answer anymore questions and i wont answer for this threads Creator.

The above post refrence is to the outcome of the shifts as it pertains to this now. That is the result. The world will go through the "refinery fire" and those left will be few amd they will be greatful.

The animals refrenced are metephors for individual types and countries

Take care

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