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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
Poster Handle Pandora box
Post Content
Why is the nobody hiding from you? Why is the nobody not in the open?

Because he is not in the spiritual condition to help you at this moment. He is fighting self and all it's imperfections. Only when he has purified himself completely, only when he has defeated self only than will he begin his journey to become the humble servant of humanity..
He sees the conditions of your world and he suffers immensely knowing very well, all the death and destruction that is taking place because of the evil, greed and selfishness of the people in control of the nations of the world...But he knows that he most wait for the right moment.

There are circumstances in his life which are forcing him to change. This force which is the circumstance will make him do what he was unable to do before own his own, synchronicity is in his favor..

His whole purpose of existence is you and your world well being...know that he loves you very deeply, and awaits for the moment of singularity within himself, so he can begin to interact with all of you in the open. So the journey to change the world can begin...
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