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Message Subject I am a time traveler from the year 2020......
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 Quoting: Pandora's Box

 Quoting: Pandora's Box

Misspelled words are captured by the mind and auto corrected because of conditioning to do so. They are stored with a greater imprint because conditioning to "spell check" commands it to be captured and stored.

The above quotes match where
Joust is just
Most is must.

And another anomalies. Which can create an altered state of synchronization within the mind and reprogram consciousness to shift to an alternate pattern recognition.

I know because i have tested it.

Done subconsciously it has a greater impact at reprogramming the mind away from conditioning within the paradigms current structure.

Done so in momentum creation to form "logos" words a shift in reality can be formed

As noted in the elite insider 2005 shift in idenity to elite insider0

On that thread anything that has been quoted by the elite insider the identifying id number has changed to marking 0 instead of 13.

But id of 13 comes with a conspiracy of it own.

Question for Pandora's Box.

How will "the nobody" know who he is? There is a ton of disinfo on this site with regaurds to qualifiers.

Many have tried and failed in delusions of grandure.

Many claim they are GOD and fail in. Facilitating form.

What info do you have as a descriptor in this place. Where this site itself makes less then 1/2 of 1/2 percentage of the worlds population.


How will "the nobody" know who he is.
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