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Message Subject Breaking News * Urgent * Telegraph: EU On Verge of Systemic Economic Collapse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yet the Dow is up up and a away!
 Quoting: Sedi

Exactly. Nothing to worry about, just bear-tard fear mongering.

The Chinese are the ones buying up all the Euro bonds and so long as they get a high return AND keep the Euro propped up so their own exports are relatively cheaper they don't care.

DOW 14K by Labor Day!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1455982

It's not the Chinese thathave been propping up the markets - ti's been the Americans. They dumped $76 billion in June alone. A total of $700 billion this year so far:

From Zerohedge:

[link to www.zerohedge.com]

The Biggest Fed Money Pump Since Lehman Went Under...

Ö happened on the week of June 27 2011. If youíre looking for a reason that stocks have been ramped so much higher in the last two weeks. This is it.

Indeed, for the week ended June 27, the Fed flooded the financial system with $76 BILLION in liquidity. Bill King of the King Report puts that number into perspective noting that itís BIGGEST increase since September 22, 2008 right after Lehman Brothers collapsed.

Thatís right, the Fed just juiced the system as much as it did when Lehman Brothers went under. While a shockingly large single money pump, the Fedís generally been flooding the system with liquidity at a pace equal to that of 2008 since the beginning of the year....

In 2008, the Fed put roughly $1 trillion in liquidity into the system to try and hold things up. So far in 2011, itís put in nearly $700 billion. You think that the recession ended and systemic risk has gone away? Explain this one...'

 Quoting: Intentionally Blank

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