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Message Subject Breaking News * Urgent * Telegraph: EU On Verge of Systemic Economic Collapse
Poster Handle Luvapottamus
Post Content
For those who blame welfare and food stamps, the human trash, for the collapse, and want such people to die, you know people would have jobs if it wasn't for outsourcing, illegal immigration, letting uneducated immigrants in, letting in people in high tech work visas, they could have built a strong infrastructure if they hadn't spent so much money on substitutes for corporations, corporate welfare, foreign aid, funding the UN, fighting wars. Sure there are people who take advantage of the system, but not on the same level as those who buy the best government money can buy. The unregulated bankers and investors who ran wild and gambled away the economy and left the tax payers to pay off the debt, those are the people responsible.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1468364

(edit: meant to clip the person you were responding to too, not replying to you, AC)
It's more divide and conquor for the Reaganites: the right wing that rightfully hated the Carter job(crazy interest rate hikes and general flakiness-it was a righteous anger)

But Bush didn't halt illegal immigration, or cut back on welfare. It's just a big manipulation so you won't see the real enemy: the oligarchy and their corporations that won't let you "compete" which is another psyop. They won't let you run a business in the way we once could. Overregulation doesn't harm the big boys. You aren't gonna get rich by fair play, and you aren't gonna be poor because of "worthless eaters."

Lots of right wingers think the reason they haven't "gotten rich" YET, is because of those on the dole. The MONEY IS FAKE.

That's the problem. It's not used for INFRASTRUCTURE. Back in the day, when we "pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps"
there was lots of undeveloped land, more localized government, and from FDR to Kennedy, we busted up monopolies. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama merged them back together like never before.

Populations of multi-generational welfare abusers have arisen just for diverting your anger.

Do you complain about UNIONS? What unions?

(BTW, Eisenhower was a pretty good republican, this isn't a partisan rant, quite the contrary. Free yourself from the brainwashing.)

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