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Message Subject Breaking News * Urgent * Telegraph: EU On Verge of Systemic Economic Collapse
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A comment to the article:

Reason is simple; the British media obsess with Europe because the only way the US/UK can avoid total implosion of the bankrupt Anglosphere financial economy is by attempting to trigger a currency crisis in a rival region like the Eurozone.

The US is completely bankrupt; there is no way out ; this year they will run a $ 2 trillion deficit ; their debt is $ 14 trillion and they have $ 114 trillion unfunded liabilities.

The US regime is fighting 5 losing wars in AfPak,Iraq, Libya and Yemen and 50% of all US states including California are bankrupt.

The US/UK are desperate therefore to avoid the total implosion of their ponzi scheme financial system; they are desperately attempting to trigger a financial collapse in a rival to trigger fund flows into their bankrupt financial system.

This is why every European should understand that the number 1 national security threat to all Europeans is the financial terror orchestrated by the US/UK and launched via their armies of US Credit ratings agencies, US/UK news agencies and US/UK hedge funds.

The US Credit ratings agencies, US/UK news agencies and US/UK hedge funds are engaged in full blown financial terror against Europe in a desperate attempt to trigger a collapse to send fund flows into the bankrupt anglosphere.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1472082


And it's not "Americans" or the "British" that are in control of it. I do think we owe the world a favor to take control and oust the evil dicks that are. In a bloodless way. General strike-don't go to work. Hard to coordinate, but that'd be the most effective.
 Quoting: Luvapottamus

No the city state called the "City of London" a sovereign country unto itself within LONDON is where the financial Anglophile empire is run from and Wall St. is also complicit along with both our governments.
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