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Message Subject Breaking News * Urgent * Telegraph: EU On Verge of Systemic Economic Collapse
Poster Handle Elenin
Post Content
No way on this earth will this ever be allowed to happen because of the implications of violent riots and mass mayhem , thi will and cannot happen take my owrd for it when they come to an agrement by thursday or at least on thursday, your making something out of nothing fucking retard. TAKE HEED THIS WILL AND CANNOT BE POSSIBLE AND WON'T HAPPEN ITS ALREADY BEEN SORTED BUT THE NEWS AS YET TO BE RELEASED TO YOU ARSEHOLES THE SHEEPLE, TRUST ME I KNOW WATCH AND SEE AND THEN COME BACK AND SAY I WAS RIGHT , GOD YOUR SUCH MORONS.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1474120

It can happen they are actually causing it to happen by their Keynesian economic ponzi scheme. The average life span of a fiat currency is about 78 years and then they crash and are worthless, so we are way overdue.

Unless they buy time through scaring the shit out of us...

America’s Current Economic Problems Invite Attack

“So you can understand why Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization motivated by the jihadist ideology, would see that America is highly vulnerable right now – perhaps more than it’s ever been - to an attack or attacks the impact or direct effect [of which] would be further depression of the US’s economy,” one of the counterterrorism officials said.

The other officials interviewed agreed. One explained: “Al Qaeda probably has never had a better point in time for attacking us in a way that would hit us hard economically.”

“And what’s scary is that that it can be any kind of attack," the official continued. "Certainly a catastrophic, mass casualty attack would have a dramatic impact on the economy, but so, too, would a coordinated small cell attack with automatic weapons at major amusement parks across the country.”

“Can you imagine what would happen if Disney’s amusement parks in Florida were attacked?” asked Laura Hains, a ranking Customs and Border Protection officer when she retired in 2008. “Florida’s economy would collapse.”

[link to www.hstoday.us]
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