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If you cant beat em join Them

Anonymous Coward
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07/20/2011 11:11 PM
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If you cant beat em join Them
Actually I meant the part of Human Society that produces Hysterical Media about The A.P.B.T is the Problem and not Human society itself.That is media sources that are more intrested in selling newspapers and magazines then double checking their sources and telling the whole story.We must remember that all dogs come from wolves, animals that pretty much kill large formidable animals all the time,so Animal aggression and human aggression must Have been sepperated durring the domestication of wolves into dogs Otherwise domestication of both Animal and Human aggressive wolves would not have been possible and there would be no domestic dogs at all.What people did with the dogs after they were allowed domestication and seperated into specific breeds is a different story.Not all Current breeders today cull to produce a game line by sepperating human aggressive dogs from animal aggressive dogs but rather cull to seperate dogs that carry the traits that it was seperated into a specific breed for,That is a Retriever that cant retrieve or a Blood hound that cant smell or a Herding dog that cant herd or a game dog that isnt game ect.So"some" Dog breeders today are more concerned in obtaining the traits that serve the breeds purpose regardless of wether the dog was human agressive or not,It is my opinion that these lines ,although proven game now, will diminsh in gameness in time.We must seperate these breeders from the earlier ones responsible for seperatting the domestic dog into seperate breeds,as thier main concerne was developing a non human agressive dog that that could bring down large formidable game regardless of physical injury or fatigue or bassically the Gameness trait and or fighting strains as it would later be used for,that would not kill its owner.