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You did not see Obama's stimulus money because you did not take it up the @@@!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1408853
United States
07/21/2011 04:44 PM
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You did not see Obama's stimulus money because you did not take it up the @@@!
The reason why lot of American men did not see Obama’s stimulus money because they do not know that they need to take it up the a@s see Obama’s stimulus money in their pocket. I meet several Bi guys who see Obama’s stimulus money in their pocket.
Since 2008 many poor bi guys got f@ck out of poverty thanks to Obama’s stimulus and banker bailout. Before 2008, the bi guys I know were living in poverty and working dead end jobs. They work a few weeks or a few months and quit.
After 2008, their gay sugar daddy got Obama’s stimulus and banker bailout money. Their gay sugar daddies were able to shower them with money.
I am for Obama handing out corporate welfare to the rich. If the government hand welfare checks to the poor, it fuel gang violence because the money goes into drugs and guns.
The Corporate welfare to the rich will end up in the poor man’s hand with no violence attached to the welfare. The sugar daddies act like a father figure to these poor American men. They make sure that they spend time with them and not with gangs. The gay sugar daddies administer the stimulus money to the poor American men through companionship, fart f@tish, b@ow jobs, f@ck up the as@, etc.
None of the bi guys I know ended up in gangs because their gay sugar daddies consume their time with companionship commitment.
I am more happy to pay my taxes than ever before in my life. I am for the government handing out welfare to the wealthy in the form of subsidies, tax breaks, and tax credit.
The rich are tight with money and many times do not want to use their own money. Inorder for the rich to spend, the government needs to give taxpayers money. The gay sugar daddies spending taxpayers’ money in for b@tt f@ck, b@ow jobs, f@tt fetish, companionship, etc. help poor American men get f@ck out of poverty without the problem of gang violence and the money fueling violence.
Remember before 2008, bi guys who are lazy were not able to get out of poverty because the gay sugar daddies were tight with money. Money gay sugar daddies were tight with money because they were careful to not overspend their own money that they earn. After 2008, gay sugar daddies spend money more freely because they know it is not their own money but taxpayers’ money.
If you want to see Obama’s stimulus money and you are a poor American men, you need to learn to s*ck d*ck, and take it up the a*s.