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Subject NEW INFO - Norway Shooter Anders Behrings Held High Position In Oslo Masonic Lodge With 800 Members! ! !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Someone might want to get a screencap of these weblinks, before they are removed. It's a Google translated webpage out of Norway, of a searchable database of Masons in Norway.

Here's the page for Anders Behrings of Oslo, born in 1979. Berhrings is described as being a member of the 'John lodge pillars' in Oslo, and holding the 'degree' of 'hardworking St. John's apprentice'.

[link to translate.google.com]

Here is the translated page of the ranking of the members of the 'John lodge pillars' in Oslo, it reports there are 'about 813 members' of this lodge.

The page shows of the 'about 813 members', there is 1 person in the position of 'Grand Master' of the lodge.

The next rank below the 'Grand Master' of this lodge, is the 'Zealous St. John's medbrors', of which there are 34 out of the 813 members.

The next level below them in this lodge of 813 was the level Anders Behrings was at, the 'Hardworking St. John's apprentices', of which there were 38 in this Masonic lodge-

[link to translate.google.com]

So basically the Mason Anders Behring was in the top 9 percent of initiates in that lodge of 813, and there was only 4 percent of the members of that lodge that had a higher ranking than he did.

Note that the website reports the 'information is taken from "matrikkel of the Norwegian Masonic Order 2008" and is therefore not an updated membership' so he could have had an even higher level of initiation than that.
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