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Message Subject NEW INFO - Norway Shooter Anders Behrings Held High Position In Oslo Masonic Lodge With 800 Members! ! !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A masonic conspiracy???! Get a life! And what's this about the jewel, you only get jewels for certain things, achievements, giving to charity etc. If he had one, I'm quite sure it hasn't been edited out.
 Quoting: AnticR35 1479296

not true
in America, Masons wear jewels
if they hold a lodge office.
No achievements required
other than holding an elected
lodge office.

His apron would suggest he
did hold an office but he
has no jewel. strange.

Hiram Abiff's jewel was returned
to King Solomon when they found
Hiram's body. Maybe symbolic
meaning somewhere in the future.
who knows ????
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