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Message Subject NEW INFO - Norway Shooter Anders Behrings Held High Position In Oslo Masonic Lodge With 800 Members! ! !
Poster Handle dastokes1948@gmail.com
Post Content
I am a freemason, and like all of our brethen I deplore the horrific events in Norway.

AC needs to get some facts right about the "Fraternity". A lodge such as St Johns in Oslo has a "Worshipful Master", not a "Grand Master". WM is the Chair or President. He has 2 VP's called Senior and Junior Wardens, coming from the old stone masons guilds. Wardens still control mining in towns in Australia and probably in other places. These three plus a secretary and a treasurer manage the lodge business (just like Rotary or Junior Chamber International (Jaycees))

There are 3 degrees only in freemasonry, 1st (Entered apprentice), 2nd (Fellowcraft) and 3rd (Master Mason). Some jurisdictions have "side degrees" such as Knight Templar. In a lodge with 813 members, the apprentice is hardly in the top echelon. The fact that the "jewel is missing from the collar in the photo suggests that no rank of importance is held by this man.

No lodge is beholden or can be controlled, nor takes its orders from another.

Freemasonry, like other benevolent and service club organisations is there to assist its members and the community in which it finds itself. Freemason is not the only organisation to attract the misdirected - look at the church, government, the public service. In all these occassionally a bad apple is exposed, does that make the organisation bad?

David Stokes
Worhipful Master
McDouall-Stuart Lodge 219 of the South Australian and Northern Territory Constitution
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