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Message Subject Homosexuality, like murder, is a choice.
Poster Handle ^Watcher^
Post Content
All sins are equal in God's eyes! But what gets me is the homosexual community saying they have no choice in the matter of their sexual preference, so I agree with you there.

We are all given free will. God does not create any man who has no choice but to live in sin as they claim to be "born that way". We all have a choice...the "narrow path" with Jesus Christ that leads to life or the "broad path" that leads to destruction and death. To claim they have no choice but to be homosexual is a lie and, according to your analogy, the equivalent of a murderer saying they couldn't help but kill someone because they were "born that way".

We all have weaknesses that we must overcome. For some it is gossip, for others it is jealousy...and yes, for some it is homosexuality. You can give in to these weaknesses and it will lead to the same "dead end" or you can embrace the Light of Truth and be set free. No one can truly overcome without the Light of Jesus Christ. That is just the way it is. period.

 Quoting: ^Watcher^

Why should we listen to a God who sends his children into eternal damnation. Or even hates people, kills people. Obey or perish. At least we don't live in fear with a fairy tale God who is less holy than most homosexuals.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1480008

You are entitled to your beliefs for whatever reason as I am entitled to mine for my reasons. We shall see ultimately who made the better choice!

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