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Emotional Mind vs Conscious Mind

Gunnz, Lotz Of Gunnz
User ID: 1478538
07/24/2011 04:52 PM
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Emotional Mind vs Conscious Mind
Emotions emerge from a combination of primitive senses in the human body.
A "knee jerk" reaction so to speak.

These emotions can affect you minds ability to comprehend scenarios.

Your partner cheats on you and leaves you for someone else - you immediately think you will be alone for the rest of your life because all the decent people are taken!
That's your emotional mind working, coz being alone is "scary" - society programs that being alone is for losers, and you will be cut off forever.
This continues as a spin effect, "what other bullshit can we pile on top".

Your conscious mind does not react in such a way.

It would suspect the activity to begin with before any mention of it. So you accept it as a process in life, and perhaps question that your attachment to that person may have been based on irrational behaviour, or something unawares (there's such a thing called alien love bites - they hook you up with particular individuals in order to give you a false sense of achievement in the pursuit of internal well being)
Be careful with "love" as it fuels many emotions at the same time.
The illuminati aliens created that frequency in the universe as a form of entrapment. The frequency hits you, and your emotions start flowing uncontrollably.

Your conscious mind also knows and never forgets that earth was always going to be a place of separation, it is inevitable that at stages in your life, you are going to be on your own.

Emotions attached to a situation will not contribute to solving the problem, it rather clouds the solution.

Can't be any easier to explain than that.

The conscious mind works beyond the trickery of this realm, so use it to your benefit.

And if you have lost your conscious mind, FIND IT, it's around here somewhere.