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Message Subject PIN! : Comet Elenin on FOXNews Website : Believers Await Earth's End!
Poster Handle Dexter
Post Content
Did anyone consider that if there is a plasma/electric discharge at perihelion it might break the comet into many smaller fragments, and alter their trajectory? Keep in mind that the comet (if it maintains calculated trajectories) will cross earth's orbit before earth arrives at that exact point. Now add a plasma discharge to this calculation, and immagine that the comet gets displaced to a collision course, or even more feasible, the comet breaks apart as a result of this discharge, and millions of comet fragments are scattered and shot like buckshot in Earth's general direction.

Food for thought, for what it's worth.
 Quoting: Dexter 1457260

No no one considered that, even though there's hundreds of threads devoted to that theory. ffs
 Quoting: Hypocrisy

Hey, I don't have time to visit hundreds of websites, and am glad you have such dedication. I'm no astronomer or astrophysicist, so I was just asking because it came to mind. I do sometimes read things and forget, so I may well have visited one of those hundreds of sites, forgotten, and then re-postulated the idea as my own. If so it wasn't intentional.

Now ffs, dump your bowl of cornflakes and pour yourself a new one, someone obviously already pissed in the bowl you've been eating from.
 Quoting: Dexter 1457260

You go fuck yourself wanna be serial killer you can't even kill yourself, you want the whole world to end so your miserable life will end.
 Quoting: Hypocrisy

LOL! I actually had the name some 35 years before that show ever aired, and I don't kill things. I'm getting off this rock when I'm done with this life, and am no doomtard (I was around 2001 however, you remember, back when Nibiru hit earth....). Now I'm just your average sheep, happily grazing in the field, completely content in this field, and dis-concerned with what might or might not happen.

Why are you so angry? If the topic of a simple (real or immagined) doomsday scenario bothers you so much, why come to GLP? Did you dump those nasty cornflakes out yet?
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