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Message Subject PIN! : Comet Elenin on FOXNews Website : Believers Await Earth's End!
Poster Handle Setheory
Post Content
And what are you doing here on GLP? Trying to be the voice of reason? lmao....

Who will people be more apt to listen to and believe?
1) The hateful member who calls people names, berates other ideas and insists he is right and everyone else is an idiot..
2) Someone who presents themselves professionally and offers well reasoned theories along with facts and evidence to support those ideas?

 Quoting: Artlicious

Elenin believers have equal contempt for both “#1” and “#2”. In fact, you could make the argument that those who introduce “facts and evidence” are looked upon with the greatest distain.

I am in no way endorsing the language used by said poster. I’m just making an accurate observation.
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