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Message Subject PIN! : Comet Elenin on FOXNews Website : Believers Await Earth's End!
Poster Handle DjInstincT
Post Content
I am a believer in potential disaster around the corner. But of 2012 not this crap lol...Its as bad as those people saying Nibiru is hiding behind the sun (STILL)... Ur showing how easy it is for them to spin even your fellow kind into contradicting and debunking your fellow man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1330824

Are you a shill? What evidence/foresight of potential disaster do you have for 2012? Irony meter just went off the scale....

You're spinning things into your own made up event. There is enough evidence out there to point to REAL potential scenarios/events. Its hard enough to get that information out and about in a proper manner w/o having to compete with this complete and utter gibberish.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1330824

Have you ever watched Fox News?

This NASA article on Elenin [link to www.jpl.nasa.gov] reassures us it will not affect us - yet quotes nobody suggesting it will? Why? Is everyone a nutjob and needs reassuring?

Anyone supporting this crap is amateurish, fear mongering, simply spouting real fantasy at the expense of others.
Sometimes there just really are people that run around saying the world will end everyday...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1330824

From TFA [link to astrobiology.nasa.gov]

Comets are exceedingly small and enveloped in a tenuous cloud of gas and dust, so the only way to be sure of their actual dimensions is to visit with a spacecraft. Half a dozen comets have been the target of spacecraft missions, and all of them (even Comet Halley) are less than 10 km in diameter. There is no reason to think Elenin is any different.
 Quoting: Some shill site

If we could at least clarify how small/big this thing is? And also the magnetic/EM effect.....

If not - my Tomato plants are coming in
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