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Message Subject PIN! : Comet Elenin on FOXNews Website : Believers Await Earth's End!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is to keep the sheeple asleep and laughing at us nutjobs. The only reason it is being published in MSM. They even mention Nancy the dog-eater ....

Also, catch what Mr.Morrison says at the end .... they are catering to and harming your children !


IMHO .. Elenin and its EM field is the monster in the closet.

The coincidences between Elenin and the swiss banknote are not coincidences, more like a warning to those who watch and comprehend.
 Quoting: TorontonianGuy

This is all a clever ploy. Now when we try to warn and raise the awareness of Fox News viewers like my older parents, as the time draws closer, they will believe Fox news over their own loved ones and, worse still, over their own eyes until their "hearts fail them with fear at what is coming on the earth." (Luke 21:26)
 Quoting: ^Watcher^

If Elenin coincides with a vision I had 20 + years ago we will see Aliens whom I define as super natural beings that the bible does reveal to be Angels at least a choir or races of Angels. It was not just a vision, I was in the spirit in this future event. Yeah! It is scary! Jesus talked about the Reeper Angels. John describes the race of Angels that look like Horsemen. These Angels are rare and I doubt the Alien community are aware of them or have knowledge of them. In another vision I have seen Alien forces positioning themselves against other Alien forces in their flying saucers. In both visions I saw the same saucer like UFOs. I have seen some UFOS in person, triangular type as well as orb chariots."hearts fail them with fear at what is coming on the earth." (Luke 21:26)
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