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Message Subject PIN! : Comet Elenin on FOXNews Website : Believers Await Earth's End!
Poster Handle Hypocrisy
Post Content
I found that article very useless. Not at all like almost all the posts on this site. It was chalk full of conjecture and misleading information. It was just a lame attempt to get people to think of scientists as having answers. Those liars still push evolution lies down our children's throats so they don't have a lick of credibility to those with a working brain cell.

As usual Fox news is useless trash and not at all worth the time of day. I'm almost sorry I even bothered with it.

Whether comet or whatever the main issue this planet has ahead of it is the sun. How much heat can we take? Remains to be seen, but in not too awful much longer we are going to find out.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1342596

Maybe it seems like other posts on this site because it's posted a hundred times before. Why are you blaming fox for this? It's not even their story. Go kill yourselves, doomsluts.
 Quoting: Hypocrisy

Can I ask why if everyone on this site makes you so very very angry do you even bother to come here? Much less read and comment on a topic you believe has no relevance?

What's your motivation? Arrogance? Sociopathism? Fear?

If I think a topic (like Christianity) is stupid, guess what? I don't bother to read them!

In not reading them, I thereby avoid getting all upset and pissy over something I find no interest in. Have you tried this yet? Not coming into the Elenin/Niburu threads? NO? Shocking!

Sounds like you're the drama queen here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1302764

Yea I'm a drama queen and you're watching me strut my hot stuff. Thanks for playing!

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