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Message Subject PIN! : Comet Elenin on FOXNews Website : Believers Await Earth's End!
Poster Handle nitetrain
Post Content
I always enjoy a good thread for reading. But for the life of me I cannot
understand why naysayers come into the thread and devaluate everyone...

For what purpose::

To make them proud of themselves, remember your in a fantasy/matrix forum,
you do not get brownie points from anyone, other then yourself, which I guess is enough...
and your so easy to spot, especially when you put yourself on a pedestal "everyone likes me"
attention whores

But it is annoying to scroll down 20 posts about some jackoff trying to piss on everyone in the thread...
Go make your own thread titled
"I am great and everyone else is a peon".
"I know everything in the whole world and I am 100 percent correct all the time on every subject
especially if I read it somewhere and remembered it, ITS TRUE"
Does not anyone understand we have only 50 percent knowledge of past, current, future events..
There is just to much left to be discovered thats beyond our comprehension..
especially for someone, who is self centered or a "know it all".....

As far as Elenin...

the believers, how can we undoubtly prove..
the opposed, how can we finally debunk..

Only option is waiting till time has passed..

I say if one more significant event happens on the next alignment,
I will be preparing for the worst before arrival of future dates, and preparing quick...
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