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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle KoFFee_
Post Content
After 3 months of study for May 21st I have landed in a peace zone. I am happy in the moment and enjoying the day. As I read most post I find good hearted people looking for a time stamp to understand timing.

I give up because after 35 years of study I don't get it. I can fall into any camp based on study but it will not change what will happen. It is all going to go down just as it needs to.

The one thing I am watching is Sept 26th and the chance that the sun will go black and who knows what the moon will do. If I see that sign I think that will hit me between the eyes !!!

God Bless

:sept 27:
 Quoting: Ice

Yes, I've noticed that date mentioned quite a bit. It holds special significance for me, though, because it was my father's birthday.

Time is running short!
 Quoting: KoFFee_

I'm sorry Coffee.

I hear that on 9-11, Elenin is supposedly closest to the earth. Am I correct? How ironic is that 9-11?
 Quoting: Troubled Waters...

I put these dates down but don't recall where I got them from:

3/15/2011 alignment—sun earth comet (2.099 Au)
9/11/2011 perihelion – visible with naked eye
9/26/2011 alignment—sun comet earth(.392 Au)--possible tail interaction
10/16/2011 closest (.24 Au)
11/6/2011 debris field
11/22/2011 alignment—sun earth comet (.586 Au)
4/21/2012 debris field
12/25/2012 alignment—sun earth comet (5.242 Au)

So, according to this, 10/16 is the closest. 9/11--it says the perihelion will be visible to the naked eye.

I'll go on the web and see if there is anything different.
I'm cooking chicken right now too, so my response will be a little slow.

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