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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Has anyone heard about what is happening in Israel right now?? It has gotten really, really quiet.

Last I heard O was pushing for a Pal. State by September as well as going back to the pre-1968 borders. Then it got silent.

Read the last part of Ezekiel 38 and see what happens at when this prophecy is fulfilled. An earthquake in Israel that shakes the whole world.....comets....and plagues. Sounds a lot like Elenin.

Just trying to put some pieces of the puzzle together.....
 Quoting: AmazingGRACE

Yeah--It has been quite quiet there lately. I don't know if that's good news or bad news lol.

The UN, as I understand it, is supposedly going to declare Palestine a statehood in Sept.

There is alot of stuff happening, it is becoming hard to keep track with it all.
 Quoting: Troubled Waters...

"...Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.."

Anyone else ever wonder if that could also be praying for the Lord's(Prince of Peace) return, as we pray for that peace?

Doesn't it say when He comes back He will put His foot on the Mnt. of olives and an earthquake will split it?

Just thinking outloud.hf
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